Glastonbury 2013

I am a festival freak. I’ve been to a music festival every year since I was 15 and I absolutely love them, especially Glasto (where I went for the first time in 2010). The atmosphere is so chilled out and everybody is so friendly –  you could walk around all day just talking to people (admittedly a large proportion are in varying states of intoxication, but y’know!) or looking around the stalls and shops. It’s also huge (as seen from the photo below), it’s size rivals many villages and personally, I would love to live there all year round!


Above: Aerial shot of Glastonbury

And the food. OH MY DAYS! The selection of food is unreal. Gone are the days of the burger and chips combo, these have been joined by a huge selection of multicultural foods, ranging from seafood paella and GIANT welsh oggy pasties, to the bakery and their fresh made cakes and breads and the vegan super-food wrap stall – full of veggies , falafel and awesomeness.  Not forgetting the drink selections. As well as the usual beers, ciders and spirits, many places provide cocktails and punches, sangrias and places to get a good cup of tea or coffee! The famous cider bus provides not only a fun photo opportunity, but some tasty ciders to try and the Brother’s bar is always popular.

But what all festival goers want to know is the line up! I peruse the efestivals forum from time to time and even they have no major indication on headliners yet (aside from the Arctic Monkeys). But then again, I hardly delve deep into these websites, so if anyone reading has any ideas or knowledge then please pass it on to me. The Rolling Stones have been a rumour floating around for quite a while now and would be an amazing band to catch live. I would love to see bands such as Bastille, Imagine Dragons and Sigur Ros. There are, or course, many larger bands that I would LOVE to see, such as Third Eye Blind, Maroon 5 (don’t judge me) and Arcade Fire (Always wanted to see these, I had tickets when I was back at school, but ended up pretty ill so couldn’t go. Yes, I have help on to this grudge for over five years.).

Not going to lie, I have forgotten why I initially started writing this post, I have gotten far too excited about the summer and have drifted off topic a tad! But anyway, in my opinion, it doesn’t overly matter about who turns up (as I know that there will be more bands I want to see, than I physically have time for!) and I will come back from the festival, yet again, looking and feeling like a gloriously relaxed hippy child and that experience, is unforgettable.



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